Hello Again! -M.

Hello lovely people, it’s Monica here again! It’s been awhile (I know) lol, I have been busy PKing for the past few month/weeks due to the Leaderboard. So, I can’t really post or edit until August is coming to an end. But here’s an apology head for my lack of posting! 😅


I love you guys! Until next time. -M. 💖



Aha! Not quite dead yet. (Lily)

Hello to all of you beautiful people. It has been a long seven months since I’ve posted or done anything really related to Graal. In any case, if anyone has been wondering (probably not, but I’m writing this anyway aren’t I?), I’ve gotten my diploma, gone to a wedding, and nearly crashed a car in the time I have been on a hiatus. I am still not fully coming back (or logging on to Graal anytime soon), but I wished to put an update just because.


Sorry, no .gifs this time around! Credits to linnyclaragfx.

Also, welcome, Monica!

New editor, who this? (M.)

Hello girls/guys today from now on, I will be helping these two wonderful girls with this beautiful GFX site!  I do not want you guys to seem intimidated because of me, so I will begin introducing myself. My name is Monica, I am 16 years old (Though the age seems irrelevant, I will just leave it there for the heads up if others are wondering). Sometimes I will be busy, but that is rarely since I am ALWAYS on GraalClassic just to PK, you can find me in the guild, “Calm” (Leader) If you want to get to know me more you can message me, I would not mind it. I will be happily to message you back! Anyways, enough about me! Thank you for your time and consideration for reading this. 💕

Here are some of my edits below:

mons5   Monica's head6

These may look basic and all, but I will try to improve and add more effects soon! First tries are always worth something. And, practicing makes it perfect! Have a wonderful day! 💖

Hey again (cuppy)

Soooo… I’m not posting this cause i’ll be coming back, but i guess these were the last two heads i edited before i went on a hiatus and i guess i wanted to share them. They aren’t great, but i think since i haven’t posted in a very very long time, ever since i quit graal I’m going to post them. I’m not permanently back but i do go i graal every once in awhile. i think graal is something i can’t let go of just yet even though i am busy. i might edit every once in a while, but i pretty sure this site is dead since lilian and i are extremely bust, as you can tell by the lack of posts we do now. i love this site very much and i encourage people to use our templates too! Please, do me a favour and make sure to remember to give credit to use, we really appreciate it when you do because it means that you acknowledge us as someone who edited before you did (if that makes any sense). here are the two heads, I’m sorry i couldn’t do any recolours 😦


I edited the first one from Lilian in her previous posts she did and the other on is just another nub styled head that i edited to my liking!

That is all from me for now, pray ill come back someday!

~ your dearest amateur editor cuppy!


Black Friday? (Lily)

Once again, sorry for being so slow at updating heads ;-;

In any case, here are a few heads that I edited from my old heads (ones I have posted way before). The first three have blue-purple eyes, and the last three have purple eyes. (The ombre effect of the eyes is only really visible when zoomed in pretty closely. [The blinks match the eyes.])

As per request, I made my watermark less visible. It will only pop up when you are hit and when you are dead. (It’s basically non-existent on the black haired one.) I would also like to mention that I did not post the green head twice– the second one has a veeeery subtle ombre.

Have fun uploading! (Especially with Black Friday coming up super soon…)





P.S. To the people who have been PMing me: Thank you so much for the support ❤ Your feedback and comments are always much appreciated!

Hi! (Lily)

Why hello there, it’s been a while. Sorry for being so inactive 🙂

I’ve had no time for any GFX lately, what with all the college apps and essays I have to do.

But, here are two heads I had the time to mash together and edit a little bit.

Creds to Cuppy for both ❤






Time to go beg teachers for recommendations now~ Cya later!